In the box

1 x Wheel Dock smart phone holder

Dimensions: 140mm (W) x 170mm (H) x 5mm (D)

Weight: 55 grams (net)

Colour: Black  (complements most steering wheel colours)

1 x instructions leaflet



Wheel Dock reduces distracted driving

Wheel Dock wants safer roads and safer drivers. The safest location for driver controls is ON THE STEERING WHEEL...

and is the reason why button controls for the audio system and cruise control are now on the steering wheels, moved some time ago from the centre console (which is poorly located as it requires the driver to divert their eyes from the road ahead).  Similarly, speedometers and instrument panels are straight ahead of the driver, and low enough to remain out of the main focus area of the windscreen.  Wheel Dock applies these well known practices to a mobile phone holder.


Wheel Dock, used appropriately, significantly reduces driver distraction by:

- improved use of Google or Apple Maps (and turn-by-turn navigation) as you can more easily see your location and progress along the provided route

- provides a fixed and known location for your smart phone - drivers more confident knowing where there phone is at all times, not sliding around on a seat etc...

- positions a phone close enough to easily reach and use more safely, yet is outside the normal driving vision area (provides a clear windscreen)

- significantly reduces 'glance time' compared with a phone located around the centre console or windscreen.

- enables easy "one-touch voice control "activation for Siri for best possible "hands free" phone operation.

- easier to quickly glance at the phone and decline or receive an incoming call or message, and select the phone speaker.

- being able to hear and see the phone better because it's closer - you can to finger "screen zoom" with ease.

- discourages charging / earphone cords and cables inside the cabin. No tangling of wires or leads.

- eliminates the use of headphones while driving so drivers can remain more alert to their surroundings

- minimises interaction time required for the use of virtually every smart phone function

- discourages phone use during the action of turning the car

- able to use Assistive Touch to turn off display, change volume and toggle between night/day screen modes

- reduce windscreen clutter and gives back the driver an unobstructed view of the road ahead.


Key Features


Imagine if cruise control was not on your wheel but was on the centre console, or a module of buttons suction cupped to the windscreen.   Seems absurd right?  Well, that's what folks are doing with their smartphones each and every day.....


Wheel Dock minimizes the "reach to phone" distance and means you can more easily activate voice control (such as Siri and Google Now) on your phone. Being so close, Wheel Dock significantly reduces the time it takes to do anything with your phone, meaning your eyes stay on the road for longer, which improves driver safety.


Wheel Dock has an "open window" which enables you to directly touch and view the screen of your smartphone. You use your smartphone like you would if you were holding it directly in front of you.. only with a Wheel Dock, your hands aren't required so it's even better.


While you may not be able to charge your phone in Wheel Dock, most phones can run for 12 hours no sweat. If using as a GPS battery life will drain faster, but for trips around town (like tradesman and real estate agents etc.) it's not an issue. Siri can 'stop navigating' for the long stretches to conserve battery if essential, and start back up once needed...

Worse case, if  the phone does need a charge, simply take it out for a while - charge it - then slot it back in.  Phone charging habits are easily adapted - charge at home overnight while you're asleep and/or charge at work.    After many months of use, feedback from the many Wheel Dock users tells us that not being able to charge the phone while in the holder isn't an issue.  But happy customers tell us that Wheel Dock makes using the phone so much easier and far less distracting!


Wheel Dock is constructed of high quality materials and designed to sit neatly and integrate well with the shape of the steering wheel. After a while, you'll forget about the holder and just love the fact that your smartphone is a few inches away and you can easily see the screen and use all the phone's functions... from the comfort of your driver's seat without reaching forward....