How is Wheel Dock different to using a windscreen type phone mount?


It's not a fair comparison.  Windscreen mounts simply don't do the job. In most cases the phone is out of reach, and so far away the screen isn't easy to read.....


Wheel Dock places your phone right there in front of you, you don't need to reach out, look sideways to view the phone. And because Wheel Dock brings your phone closer to you, you can actually see the screen and or screen-zoom so that you can.

Voice control works better in Wheel Dock because your phone is closer to you. 
The phone's microphone can pick up the sounds of your voice better if the phone is closer.

Let's face it, the loss of windscreen suction is inevitable. Gravity constantly acts on the windscreen mount slowly pulling it away from the windscreen. In an accident, the suction mount is very likely to fail and could turn the phone and the hard or heavy mount itself into a projectile which could cause you and any passengers serious injury.

Wheel Dock affixes securely to the vehicle. The lateral strength of hook-loop materials are immense yet easy to release vertically, which is why they're used by NASA. Wheel Dock doesn't rely on air pressure so isn't bothered by hot weather or the cold. 

Wheel Dock won't fall off regularly during normal use and wont ever leave a mark.

Buy Wheel Dock.  You won't ever be disappointed that you did!