How do I install WheelDock to my steering wheel?


Fixing WheelDock to your steering wheel is very straight forward, so much so instructions aren't really necessary. However, if for some reason you need some instructions, read below...


More information: WheelDock makes use of a unique combination of webbing straps and Velcro TM   to attach Wheel Dock firmly over the centre hub of the car steering wheel but not impede the free movement of the wheel nor impede the safe release of an SRS Airbag if contained inside the wheel hub. 

It takes less than a minute to attach Wheel Dock over the wheel hub and is very easy to install and remove.

1. Take off all the removable straps from the holder base.

2. Place the holder over the centre hub of the steering wheel, position centrally.

3. Attach the fixed strap over the right side wheel arm, wrapping around the back and under to meet the female clip underneath the base, tighten strap and to ensure central position of holder on the wheel hub.

4. Taking one pair of the velcro straps, separately.  On the rear side of the base at the left top corner, attach one part of the velcro strap and wrap around the back of the left side wheel arm. Attach the other part of the velcro (at 9 o'clock position) and wrap around to affix neatly with the other part of the velcro strap. Ensure a tight fitting.

5.  Repeat steps 4 for the remaining one or two wheel arms. Make positioning adjustments as needed.

Ensure a neat and firm fit of the strap around the wheel arm. Once both VelcroTM straps in place, use the web strap to adjust the positioning and to tighten or loosen the firmness of the attachment of the base to the wheel hub.  The mount should firmly hold the phone onto the wheel yet not be so tight so as to cause the horn to sound or prevent placing your phone fitting into position. Nor should it be loose enough to move around at all when the steering wheel spins freely.  Take care to ensure that straps do not obstruct any other steering wheel mounted control buttons, and aren’t caught up anywhere behind the wheel that would prevent the normal operation of the steering wheel.