Is Wheel Dock legal?

YES. Wheel Dock is legal in the USA, Australia, throughout Europe, Asia and the UK and most other countries around the world.

There are many drivers who have been using Wheel Dock for over 12 months.

The vast majority of countries around the world still allow hands free use of a mobile phone while driving. Specific rules may apply for those learning to drive or less experienced at driving and bus drivers. 

In Australia, fixed phone mountings need to meet certain criteria listed in the road rules.

Wheel Dock is professionally designed and is manufactured to a high quality standard.

Wheel Dock is commercially available and provides a fixed mount holder to your vehicle. 


In the USA, the practice of "text messaging" is prohibited in some areas. Voice activated messaging is different to "text messaging" and is a great deal safer than the banned traditional "text messaging"..


You can be confident that Wheel Dock can be used legally.  All drivers need to abide by relevant driving regulations of the roads they drive on.



 USEFUL LINKS conveniently provides some detailed information available from road authorities around the world.