Rules about use of a phone while driving?


Latest research from Carnegie Mellon University has dispelled earlier research that concluded that phone use in the car was as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol. The study, published in the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, May 2013, shows that the rate of car crashes decreased despite the rapid growth in mobile phone ownership (and in car use). "Google it" to find out more...

It goes without saying that all drivers should obey the driving laws and drive in a safe and responsible manner. Wheel Dock strongly encourages safe driving behaviours and offers drivers the ability to use their smart phone in a safer way than ever before.



Wheel Dock places the smart phone right in front of the driver, within easy reach and a quick glance away, yet outside a drivers'  normal view of the road ahead.

Voice activated controls can be activated at the simple touch of a button (Siri) and drive modes on Android devices like Samsung Galaxy.

Using Google Maps for driving directions, real time, works brilliantly with Wheel Dock.  You can actually see the screen because it's much closer than ever before. You can "zoom in or out" the screen to get your bearings and check streets etc.

You will always know where your smart phone is and can use one press of a button to activate Siri or voice control to call, text, play songs etc. 

However, just because your phone is right there, doesn’t mean you have to play with it.

Used responsibly, Wheel Dock provides you with safe and easy access to your smart phone, while you drive.

Of course, should you find that your use of your phone causes you distraction while you drive, you should pull over and stop completely and do what you need to do before recommencing driving. 

Safety should be the number one priority for everybody on our roads.

Refer to USEFUL LINKS which provides access to more detailed information concerning road rules in many jurisdictions around the world.