Common phone use in car problems


 The Wheeldock Solution


Can’t read smartphone screen due to long distance between windscreen and my eyes while I sit comfortably in driver’s seat.



The placement of Wheeldock brings your device within easy reach. Wheeldock brings your smartphone closer to you than any other phone mount available.



Need to reach uncomfortably far to operate my smartphone while I drive



The placement of Wheeldock brings your device within easy reach. Wheeldock brings your smartphone closer to you than any other phone mount available.



Car windscreen becoming cluttered due to multiple devices stuck on to it. I no longer have a clear view of the road ahead



Wheeldock does not stick your phone to the windscreen. When you use a Wheeldock, the windscreen is entirely clear. As it should be.



Reaching far for my smartphone means I can’t use my smartphone to do everything I’d like to do during the time I spend in the car



Wheeldock brings your smartphone closer to you than any other phone mount. With a Wheeldock, you can use the full functionality of your smartphone much more easily than in any other phone mount available.


The angle of my smartphone when I stick it to the windscreen makes it difficult for me to reach, view and use the phone as well as I’d like to


Wheeldock, suitably fitted to your steering wheel, is designed to present your smartphone at the optimal angle for the easiest possible use.


My smartphone is quite far away from me while I drive making it hard for me to see the screen without squinting.


Wheeldock brings your smartphone closer to you than any other phone holder available.


I don’t find it really easy to use my smartphone while I drive because it’s not located close enough to me.




Wheeldock, suitably fitted, is designed to present your smartphone at an optimal distance and optimal angle for the easiest possible use.




Is Wheel Dock legal?

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What about the air bag?

Air bag deployments are very rare indeed. According to NHTSA statistics, the probability of a driver being fatally injured by their airbag is less than 1 in a billion.  To put in perspective you have 100 times more chance to win the lottery than you have of being injured by an airbag while driving. 

Source: NCSA Special Crash Investigations report 2007 (USA)


Every Wheel Dock has in-built patent pending safety features that safely restrain the device in the remote chance of an air bag deployment. 

As the steering wheel cover which covers the airbag pushes outward to allow the air bag to emerge, the steering wheel cover pushes outwards and causes the Wheel dock holder to separate (all intact) from the wheel. An immensely strong safety strap (rated > 2000 kilograms or 4,400 pounds) tethers the phone held so that it remains tether to the wheel and safely directed away to the side of the driver, and allow the airbag to release as normal.

In comparison, a windscreen suction mount provides around 200 kilograms (or 440 pounds) of restraint force.  10 times less restraining force than a Wheeldock holder...

This is why straps are used for seat belts,,, not suction cups.

Windscreen mounts placed at the same height as a driver's head may present a safety risk to the driver in the event of an accident.  Wheeldock, by comparison, is more securely tethered for improved driver safety.


Does Wheel Dock affect my steering?

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Rules about use of a phone while driving?

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Does Wheel Dock work with Bluetooth?

Wheel Dock combined with Bluetooth makes things even better.

Having Bluetooth is great, but you still need to put your phone somewhere...

In Australia, unless you have your phone in a fixed mounting, the moment you even pick up the phone from the centre console or elsewhere, you run the risk of facing a fine of almost $300 AND losing 3 demerit points.  Avoid the hassle...  BUY WHEEL DOCK now.

Using a Wheel Dock, is like having the phone in the palm of your hand but without having to hold it.

You can easily scroll through and select your music, see who's calling, and you get the added benefits of being able to use Google Maps as a sat nav (real time), and easily access a larger range of voice command based smartphone functions.  

So even if you have Bluetooth, Wheel Dock makes it even better!   Why miss out...?

Will my smartphone fit in Wheel Dock?

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Does WheelDock fit the steering wheel for my car?

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How is Wheel Dock different to using a windscreen type phone mount?

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Does Wheel Dock mark or damage my car?

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My horn is on the steering wheel, can I still use it?

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How do I install WheelDock to my steering wheel?

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